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Mini Hats

Check out this cute hat from PhotographicMVP Designs. I love how well these hats are made and so simple to put in the hair. I’ve tried other hats and they are just too heavy to hold upright on the head on these little kids.

Not to mention they are such a perfect addition to an outfit.

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My Kids

What it takes to photograph my children:

1. Shoot on a Sunday because I (and the kids) have no other days open.

2. The night before I find out my camera won’t take my SD cards…ugh!

3. Find a camera I can borrow.

4.. Don’t really have outfits chosen yet.

5. Make it happen because its the only time we have to do it.

 I stressed out to know end photographing my children this year and I’m not sure why when they were so good to me. I don’t know if I have this hype in my head of exactly how its suppose to go and by the way when I do that I don’t do very well being in the moment :) We started in the studio, but it seemed to be to close of quarters for me so we went outside and then I could breathe. Every time I try studio I feel this way. This was a light bulb moment for and realize outdoors is truly my specialty. I love these kids so much. Time really does fly. I can’t believe Gabe and Bryn are as tall as me and every time I snuggle with Beckam I’m reminded of when they were all little.

I love being a mom!

In this image Isaac is holding Beckam’s hand…he has done this since he was born, its like a nervous habit :)

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My Family

In the canyon we go for Bishop family photos.

Just after it hit her in the head.

I brought a ball for entertainment. It was well liked. Sorry Jilleen. Tye kept sticking his fingers in his nose.

Can you see it?

I love the series of these photos. We were trying to get one with them all looking and smiling…how is that possible?!

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