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Cousin/Siblings Photoshoot

This photoshoot is for some trade work that I am doing. I will take the pictures and then we will get fancy new rock on our fireplace whenever we get the wood up until then I will take care of the photos. Plus, these guys are family so I’m happy to show them off.

These little guys are 1 week apart and they wanted to get the 2 of them together and I’m just happy to say that we got one for how long it took to get one of them to settle down.

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Amy Lindstrom - That top one is SO sweet! I really like the way you wrapped the babies. One day Jess…one day! I will bring my little rugrats and you can make them look sweet!

Vanessa - Simply Beautiful! (all of them!)

Mandy - Hey Jess,

I found your blog by blog hopping from the ‘blog of all blogs’ Robyn!!! I love your pics….didn’t know you did it and your fam is so darling. This is Mandy Clark (Smith). I’m not a blogger but it’s fun to see people after SO many years.
I told my mom that I had come across your blog and how adorable your family was and she asked if I left a comment so you would know…I didn’t even think about it :)
Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and tell you that I absolutely love your photography.

Mandy Clark

Stephanie T - Jess… AMAZINGLY beautiful as usual! I love these!

dara - Oh! Those are too darling. I loved the baby wrapped up in the basket.

JENNIFER - omgoodness such preciousness, these are just beautiful!

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